Generation gap

It’s not always about the generation gap.Sometimes, it’s about supermacy and power.

The line between care and control, is very fine.
But it must be drawn.

No one deserves to be loved or respected just because of a little bit of biology.
These are the things you have to earn.

My intention is not to disrespect someone.
I just regret this fact that I’ll always remain a stranger to my own family.

I don’t see any meaning in this lame argument that, they have a right to behave however they want just because they are your parents,                                                and you should be okay with that.

I am sorry.                                                     But no one has a right to treat me in a way I don’t deserve to be treated.


7 thoughts on “Generation gap

  1. The society expects us respect the elders. Respect the women. So I can’t control the urge to humiliate a junior boys whenever I find them 😂😂. Because that’s what expected.
    *comic content


    1. She began to descend, stopping to close her eyes and take breath when she felt dizzy Gain, ascend to it, of this water Black and white whirlwind that ran Madly under his feet.


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