Hypocrite life.

A Disneyland,
With a beginning, but no end.

Which gives you pleasure, 
but numbs your sense.

Which destroys everything,
And then makes mends.

Which makes you fall,
And lifts you up.

Which encourages you to speak,
And then says shut up.

Which gives you respect,
And outrages your modesty.

Which darkens your vision,
And makes you see.

Which realises your worth,
And sells you for free.

Which offers you gifts,
But snatches what you have.

Which puts you in trouble,
And pretends to save.

Which teaches you to laugh,
But makes you cry.

Which tells you to be frank,
But likes it if you are shy.

Which preaches truth,
But favours those who lie.

Which itself is jolly,
But demands seriousness.

Which itself says no,
But always expects a yes.

Which itself is imperfect,
But aims at perfecting us.

Which can be your worst nightmare,
Or your first crush.

Which kisses you in rain,
But leaves you in pain.

Which ignites your wisdom,
And drives you insane.

Which is full of failures,
But likes achievements only.

Which enjoys your presence,
But leaves you lonely.

Which talks about grace,
but is actually mean.

Which is full of colours,
But hollow from within.

You fulfill it’s greed,
And it will give you a prize.

But when you feel low,
It won’t make you feel otherwise.

You follow it’s rules,
And it won’t get tough.

You object a little,
And you are not good enough.


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