It feels distasteful to exist.
Almost everything feels the same.

That’s why you should not trust your feelings. They always change.

A feeling is like a newly-found love,
Something so beautiful but so unsure.

Something which should be cherished but never trusted.

And exactly like the love affairs,
It can either last a lifetime,
Or may not last at all.
You just can’t say.
It’s like art,
It can either be appreciated,
Or slammed.
You can’t say.

There are people who will tell you to trust your heart,
But they won’t come to save you once you’ve landed yourself into a disaster.

In this world of cut-throat  competition,
Passion is a luxury which not everyone can afford.

Here, things like love and art are just a refuse.
An escape from this harsh reality.

But how far will you go?

They’ll find you.
There is no way out.

So, stop daydreaming.

Your stay in this world is not free,
According to the market demands,
You have to pay a price.

Romanticising pain and telling how pathetic  your life is,
Trust me, it won’t help.

You’ll receive appreciation and sympathy from all the others who are going through the same shit.

Literature, love, art, all this will give you solace.
They’ll let you know that you are not alone in your  journey.

But what’s the difference?

Dying together will not make you any less afraid.
Dying together will not make it any better.


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