Do we matter?

Do we matter?
No matter what grades you get,
No matter how nicely you write,
No matter if you are a fantastic human being,
And no matter if you are a son of a bitch.
Does it matter?

No matter how intelligent we perceive the human race to be,
Does this matter when we have no idea why are we even here?

No matter how hard you try to woo that girl next door or to get into IIT,
Does this matter if there is a fair possibility that it’s all programmed?

What’s the meaning of so much hue and cry
If the thing which you call discovery is just another level of a game?

Do it as much as you want for your own satisfaction.
Enjoy the perceived luxury of being called an intellectual.

It won’t change the fact that you are nothing.

Science is a cool thing.
But it’s ruthlessly honest.

Flaunt if you want about being the self-proclaimed explorers of the universe.

But ultimately, you are just splashing yourself blindly into this vast ocean of nothingness.


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