Cranky parents.

The prompt was ‘cranky’.
And it immediately reminded me of my parents.

Just a normal example-
You sleep a little late.
And they’ll be like-
“Look at her.
How she is sleeping like a Buffalo!”

Like really!!
They could just tell me to wake up.
No need to call me a Buffalo.

When i get to hear something so great in the morning,
It just makes my day.

But when they do something wrong..
Forget about the Buffalo.
You can’t even say that they are wrong.

But completely keeping my enraged emotions aside,
Technically speaking-
An organism reproduces an offspring of its own kind.

So dear parents,
Kindly reconsider your statement before comparing your cute kids with an animal.
Because, it will raise a serious question about your own proud and rich heritage.

I am stating this with all due sincerity that there isn’t a slight intention of any personal gain in my demand.
I am doing this for the sake of our family name.
A thing which you try so hard to save all the time.

(To all the Indian parents,
You can call us ‘kamina’ or ‘besharam’.
But think twice before using terms like ‘kutta’, ‘ullu’ and ‘gadha’.)
After all, karma is a bitch!

You can call me a moron,an idiot ,a stupid spoiled brat or anything which raises a question on my intellectual capability.
I am okay with that coz I doubt my intellect too.
(Due to your persistent efforts since the last 18 years.)

And according to my limited knowledge of Biology,
Qualities like intellect and knowledge are not genetically inherited.
So, it will simply keep you off the hook.
You can thank me for that later.

Sincerely yours,

  • To all the cranky parents who are reading this
    and think that I am just a frustrated kid who is uttering shit here.
    For you, I fucking am.
    Don’t expect an apology.
    You all can go to hell.
  • To the(few) nice parents who actually care.
    It wasn’t about you.
    I really wish to be born to one of you someday.
  • To all the self-proclaimed caretakers of humanity,
    Who believe that a parent shouldn’t be hated for just waking a child with a wrong term.
    From them, it’s much more than that.
    But I don’t owe you an explanation.


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