Hey miss laziness!
I am breaking up with you.

You have had your fair share of screwing me up while I was asleep.
But now, I wann’a get up.

I can never thank you enough for what you have done to me.

How can I ever forget,
Every time I tried to climb the academic ladder,
How cutely you just pulled my pants down.

But you are not the only one to blame.
Falling for you was my fault too.

And I admit that it was delightful to be with you.

Every time I wanted to try something new,
How nicely you cared about my comfort zone and said “maybe later”.

Every time I wanted to give up on something important,
You said it’s okay.

You never wanted me to grow , to learn.
Never wanted me to do anything in life.

I was dumb and it was always okay with you.
I was fat and it was always okay with you.
What could be a more pure form of love?

I must admit that you are a very obedient and seductive girlfriend.
But I can’t pay my bills with your sex appeal.

You are good in bed but I don’t want to remain in bed all my life.
I’ve got stuff to do.

I can’t let you suck the life out of me while I watch those meaningless TV shows.

You are really hot, but I can’t afford you.
You belong to some filthy rich kid of a billionaire who need not do anything in life.
And not to the middle-class types like us.

So, just forget that we ever had anything between us.
And please go and fuck yourself somewhere else.

Although, we can still remain friends.
And i will always miss those meaningless hours of complete idleness I spent in your beautiful company.

Sometimes, you are really cool to hang out with.

Of course I can’t stand those hoes called ‘competition’ and ‘success’ all the time.
They are very demanding.
But they pay me really well for each night I spend with them.


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