Society smirked, Universe mourned.

She was way more beautiful than just beautiful.
She blushed like bloodshed
And laughed like a hurricane.
She was all you can ever dream of.

And the people around her were just ‘shitty’.
I know it’s not a very decent word.
But they don’t deserve any better literary treatment.
(If you were there,
You would surely understand why I am saying this.)

They were monsters,
With their spikes open and jaws ready,
To carve her with the word “average”.
But she had seen the worlds they knew nothing about.

Their standards were confining.
And she had absolutely no desire to fit in.

She never wanted to become what they expected her to be.

She never wanted to be a good girl.

She wanted to ruin her reputation.
She wanted to disappoint those who expected her to be perfect.

Things like harmony, adjustment and putting up with other’s expectations.
All this smelt like rotten leaves.
And she just wanted to crawl her way out.

After being rational for so long,
She wanted to become a mindless beast.

For once,
She wanted to worship the devil
And see where it would take her.

She wanted to see for herself
If the perceived devil was actually a devil.
Or was it the key to her freedom?

But this society couldn’t stand it.
They called her names and scarred her with taunts.

It was a scary thing,
To stand against those supreme powers.
She was against a blind faith.
And the fight was never fair.
She fought really well,
But her pure rage couldn’t match their evil ways.

They didn’t kill her.
But what they did was not any less than that.
Everything she ever loved was taken away from her.
She dug grave after grave and buried her loved ones.
Her passion, love , dreams everything.
She had nothing more to live for.

That’s how,
One more warrior was lost.

And on her death,
The society smirked,
But the universe mourned.


11 thoughts on “Society smirked, Universe mourned.

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