People with a sensitive taste are requested to not read this.
I am certainly not what you are looking for.

In all human possibility,
I should not have been here.

There has been a serious mistake in my manufacturing.
There isn’t anything back there where my brain should be.
And my real strength comes from that.

At this point of life,
The only thing I wish for is to become one of the leading wits of English literature.
But someone has said it correctly-
“If wishes were wings, beggars would fly.”

Although I consider myself a writer,
I suck at vocabulary.
And my writing is a big fat joke.

The truth is
I just like to read some random stuff
And I sometimes write in between once my adrenaline gets considerably high.

I am just an avid girl with deep intuition but no actual grasp of life.

I have no answers when people ask me where I am headed.
I just tell them to go get a life.

I just don’t know how to keep a civil tongue.
I swear af.

I am a night owl.
It’s completely impossible for me to sleep at night until and unless I open a physics book.
I don’t know if it’s intellectual stimulation or my sheer stupidity.

If you’ll get a chance to read my personal diary,
Maybe you would just want to give up on humanity.

There is a nice possibility that someday, I might drag someone to death due to my poor jokes.

Even if I try to do the most usual thing in the most usual sort of way,
I still end up doing something really unusual.

Sometimes I am so overdramatic,
That you just won’t believe that it’s happening for real.

My existence seems to be a really big problem for me and those around me.
I am doing a very special privilege on myself by choosing to stay alive.

My parents want me to act normal.
Well, that would be like asking Donald Trump to show some decency.

I know that if I don’t learn to behave,
I’ll invite a lot of wrath from my regularly outraged mumma.
But I just can’t help it.

Someday, I wish to become a humorous philosopher.
Someone who makes people laugh
And sounds intelligent at the same time.
That seems a little tough life goal.
But I am trying.

I am not a smart teenager.
I ain’t saying that all this is great.
I am writing this just to make fun of myself before someone else comes and does that.


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