The guy I never fell for.

Making friendships is just another thing I suck at.
But he was a little more than just an acquaintance.

My most frequent benchmate.
And I would never have preferred sitting with anyone else.
Not because I liked him, but because he was funny. And I loved to laugh.

I studied with him for about two years.
And for about 1.5 years, I failed to notice that he wore glasses.
That doesn’t mean he is smart!!
( in his own terms.)

He had what you call the spark of life..

Most attentive to the female alarm,
Highly abusive and widely hated by the entire class.

An explosion of peculiar creativity
with all sort of fantasies running through his dirty mind.

He was the most dignified motherfucker I’ve ever seen.

He was no way better or worse than others.
He just accepted those things proudly which others also do but never dare to admit.
(Need I elaborate?)

He embraced idiocy,
never watched his (filthy) mouth,
carried a conduct which only his conscience prompted
and never craved for anyone’s validation.

He used to call himself the Donald Trump of our class.

He told amusing stories
in which the joke was often on himself.

And during our truth and dare games,
He posed questions that were traps for you to fall into.

The kind of entertainment he used to serve was definitely not entertaining.

And when he used to talk about love,
He sounded both foolish and serious at the same time.

That was his way.

I heard weird stories about him.
But never bothered to enquire about their authenticity.

And since I am not much acquainted with his sentiments,
It might be possible that he actually did the things I can never believe he did.

But from him I learnt to be thick skinned and not giving a fuck about others.

In his own terms, he is a sexy pervert.
But with the right eyes, he is much more.

In his perfect indifference, he looked sort of vacant.
But beyond that, I have no details.

Maybe I am glorifying someone whom I should resent.
But if that is the case,
Then I don’t want to see him for what he is.
If he is really bad, then I don’t want it so real.


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