People with a sensitive taste are requested to not read this.
I am certainly not what you are looking for.

In all human possibility,
I should not have been here.

There has been a serious mistake in my manufacturing.
There isn’t anything back there where my brain should be.
And my real strength comes from that.

At this point of life,
The only thing I wish for is to become one of the leading wits of English literature.
But someone has said it correctly-
“If wishes were wings, beggars would fly.”

Although I consider myself a writer,
I suck at vocabulary.
And my writing is a big fat joke.

The truth is
I just like to read some random stuff
And I sometimes write in between once my adrenaline gets considerably high.

I am just an avid girl with deep intuition but no actual grasp of life.

I have no answers when people ask me where I am headed.
I just tell them to go get a life.

I just don’t know how to keep a civil tongue.
I swear af.

I am a night owl.
It’s completely impossible for me to sleep at night until and unless I open a physics book.
I don’t know if it’s intellectual stimulation or my sheer stupidity.

If you’ll get a chance to read my personal diary,
Maybe you would just want to give up on humanity.

There is a nice possibility that someday, I might drag someone to death due to my poor jokes.

Even if I try to do the most usual thing in the most usual sort of way,
I still end up doing something really unusual.

Sometimes I am so overdramatic,
That you just won’t believe that it’s happening for real.

My existence seems to be a really big problem for me and those around me.
I am doing a very special privilege on myself by choosing to stay alive.

My parents want me to act normal.
Well, that would be like asking Donald Trump to show some decency.

I know that if I don’t learn to behave,
I’ll invite a lot of wrath from my regularly outraged mumma.
But I just can’t help it.

Someday, I wish to become a humorous philosopher.
Someone who makes people laugh
And sounds intelligent at the same time.
That seems a little tough life goal.
But I am trying.

I am not a smart teenager.
I ain’t saying that all this is great.
I am writing this just to make fun of myself before someone else comes and does that.

Society smirked, Universe mourned.

She was way more beautiful than just beautiful.
She blushed like bloodshed
And laughed like a hurricane.
She was all you can ever dream of.

And the people around her were just ‘shitty’.
I know it’s not a very decent word.
But they don’t deserve any better literary treatment.
(If you were there,
You would surely understand why I am saying this.)

They were monsters,
With their spikes open and jaws ready,
To carve her with the word “average”.
But she had seen the worlds they knew nothing about.

Their standards were confining.
And she had absolutely no desire to fit in.

She never wanted to become what they expected her to be.

She never wanted to be a good girl.

She wanted to ruin her reputation.
She wanted to disappoint those who expected her to be perfect.

Things like harmony, adjustment and putting up with other’s expectations.
All this smelt like rotten leaves.
And she just wanted to crawl her way out.

After being rational for so long,
She wanted to become a mindless beast.

For once,
She wanted to worship the devil
And see where it would take her.

She wanted to see for herself
If the perceived devil was actually a devil.
Or was it the key to her freedom?

But this society couldn’t stand it.
They called her names and scarred her with taunts.

It was a scary thing,
To stand against those supreme powers.
She was against a blind faith.
And the fight was never fair.
She fought really well,
But her pure rage couldn’t match their evil ways.

They didn’t kill her.
But what they did was not any less than that.
Everything she ever loved was taken away from her.
She dug grave after grave and buried her loved ones.
Her passion, love , dreams everything.
She had nothing more to live for.

That’s how,
One more warrior was lost.

And on her death,
The society smirked,
But the universe mourned.

Not any less.

I hate it when people want to be less sure of things.
When I say ‘I love you’ quite frequently,
And they want to hear it less.
Because they want me to be a little less desperate.
Because it pisses them off to see someone so clingy.

I am sorry.
But that’s the way I am.
You are either my obsession or simply nothing to me.
Either I go all the way for someone,
Or I don’t bother wasting my effort.

You might be next.

The storytellers.
They are some cute little kids playing with crayons.
And they can paint you however they want.

You hurt them a little and they will tell everyone in this world.

They aren’t heroic.
They do it because they are weak.
They write because they are not strong enough to surpass reality.
They write because they are not strong enough to kill themselves or others.
They write because they can’t scream,can’t cry.
They write because they are hurting.

They are jilted lovers,
Desperately looking for someone to share their pain.
The pain of being born.

I too was a happy child until I was jolted with their perfectly crafted words.

How innocently I believed the world to be a perfectly beautiful place,
Until they came and exposed its ugliness.

They disrupted everything I ever believed in.
My rules, my religion,
My notion of ‘perfect love’.

They glorified rebellion, defiance, madness and insanity.

They never made sense.
But I always trusted them.
Because they knew exactly where it hurt.

I asked them,
If you had to come to rescue,
Why didn’t you come early?
Where were you,
When this society was poisoning me with fairytales?

But they did not pay any heed
And burnt my dreamworld to ashes.

They made me unlearn all that I was ever taught.

They were venomous.
They raised doubts in my mind.
They made me question everything.
They made me defy rules.
And for the first time in my life,
I refused to obey.
I learnt to disobey.

They made me a sinner.
They made me feel.

Those feelings tasted like blood in my mouth.
They plagued me and made me one of their kind.

They bruised me with reality.
And told me this:
“It will hurt as hell.

Either you die,
Or you become a writer.
Either you cut,
Or you learn to substitute blood with ink.”

I was aching
And the only way to reduce the pain was to pass it..

So I became one of them,
Bathed in red,
I started making others bleed too.

They carried a puzzle
And I was a part of it.
And now they are using me to find the others.

Who knows?
You might be the next part.


Hey miss laziness!
I am breaking up with you.

You have had your fair share of screwing me up while I was asleep.
But now, I wann’a get up.

I can never thank you enough for what you have done to me.

How can I ever forget,
Every time I tried to climb the academic ladder,
How cutely you just pulled my pants down.

But you are not the only one to blame.
Falling for you was my fault too.

And I admit that it was delightful to be with you.

Every time I wanted to try something new,
How nicely you cared about my comfort zone and said “maybe later”.

Every time I wanted to give up on something important,
You said it’s okay.

You never wanted me to grow , to learn.
Never wanted me to do anything in life.

I was dumb and it was always okay with you.
I was fat and it was always okay with you.
What could be a more pure form of love?

I must admit that you are a very obedient and seductive girlfriend.
But I can’t pay my bills with your sex appeal.

You are good in bed but I don’t want to remain in bed all my life.
I’ve got stuff to do.

I can’t let you suck the life out of me while I watch those meaningless TV shows.

You are really hot, but I can’t afford you.
You belong to some filthy rich kid of a billionaire who need not do anything in life.
And not to the middle-class types like us.

So, just forget that we ever had anything between us.
And please go and fuck yourself somewhere else.

Although, we can still remain friends.
And i will always miss those meaningless hours of complete idleness I spent in your beautiful company.

Sometimes, you are really cool to hang out with.

Of course I can’t stand those hoes called ‘competition’ and ‘success’ all the time.
They are very demanding.
But they pay me really well for each night I spend with them.

Cranky parents.

The prompt was ‘cranky’.
And it immediately reminded me of my parents.

Just a normal example-
You sleep a little late.
And they’ll be like-
“Look at her.
How she is sleeping like a Buffalo!”

Like really!!
They could just tell me to wake up.
No need to call me a Buffalo.

When i get to hear something so great in the morning,
It just makes my day.

But when they do something wrong..
Forget about the Buffalo.
You can’t even say that they are wrong.

But completely keeping my enraged emotions aside,
Technically speaking-
An organism reproduces an offspring of its own kind.

So dear parents,
Kindly reconsider your statement before comparing your cute kids with an animal.
Because, it will raise a serious question about your own proud and rich heritage.

I am stating this with all due sincerity that there isn’t a slight intention of any personal gain in my demand.
I am doing this for the sake of our family name.
A thing which you try so hard to save all the time.

(To all the Indian parents,
You can call us ‘kamina’ or ‘besharam’.
But think twice before using terms like ‘kutta’, ‘ullu’ and ‘gadha’.)
After all, karma is a bitch!

You can call me a moron,an idiot ,a stupid spoiled brat or anything which raises a question on my intellectual capability.
I am okay with that coz I doubt my intellect too.
(Due to your persistent efforts since the last 18 years.)

And according to my limited knowledge of Biology,
Qualities like intellect and knowledge are not genetically inherited.
So, it will simply keep you off the hook.
You can thank me for that later.

Sincerely yours,

  • To all the cranky parents who are reading this
    and think that I am just a frustrated kid who is uttering shit here.
    For you, I fucking am.
    Don’t expect an apology.
    You all can go to hell.
  • To the(few) nice parents who actually care.
    It wasn’t about you.
    I really wish to be born to one of you someday.
  • To all the self-proclaimed caretakers of humanity,
    Who believe that a parent shouldn’t be hated for just waking a child with a wrong term.
    From them, it’s much more than that.
    But I don’t owe you an explanation.

Don’t be a loser.

Let me tell you some inspirational quotes.

Well in India, it can..

Another epic one-

This cool quote helped me a lot to justify my idiotic stupidity.
And I can still see many idiots bragging about being a fish.

But rather than giving us a false hope,
It would be better if Einstein would have invented a machine to help us find which animal we are..

It’s okay to be a little lost.
But justifying your shit is certainly not right.
And I can say that because I have done that quite a lot.

The true measure of knowledge isn’t marks.
But you know what??
your grades,
Because not everyone turns out to be Bill Gates.
These examples of college dropouts surely sound heroic.
But trust me, they won’t do you any good.

Not everyone has a hidden talent which they always discover later in life.
Sometimes people are just lazy and they are there because they deserve it.
Don’t aspire to be one of them.

I ain’t scaring you or telling you not to follow your passion.
I am just trying to help you out before you end up as a loser.
Trust me.
I have been there and it’s not an honourable place to be.